We Strictly Convert barren land into Agricultural Farm

Under the strict guidelines of SEBI - (Securities and Exchange Board of India)

Our Vision:

  • To establish the biggest agriculture hub; which is being managed systematically to ensure interests of all participants

Your Investment Utilization

  • Area of One Unit : 10890 Sqft (10 Guntha)
  • Investment Sought – Rs. 22lak - $35,000 ( Group of investors also welcome- minimum investment- Rs.50000- $796)
  • Set Up Cost per plant : Rs.22lak- $35,000
  • Flower production per year :22,000 units- Yr 1;48,000 units-Yr 2 and 96,000- From Yr3-7( Orchid Flower)
  • IRR per Rs.22lak/ $35,000- 13.5 % PA ( Investment Period 84 months; Returns Starts from 7th Month; increasing at 5% per annum)
  • No. of Units planned: 100 in next 2 years from 2015

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